Writing For Wellbeing






Connecting –

 To Yourself & Others


Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others at times?

Do you experience disappointment, anger, sadness, resentment, worry, anxiousness, overwhelm, disillusionment or impatience?

These all cause us to disconnect.

Why is it so important to be connected to yourself?

Because the main result from being disconnected is stress

You may also feel discontent, fatigue, being unable to purposefully create your desired future & diminished health.

It is important to spend considerable amounts of time being connected as it is crucial to our health and emotional wellbeing.

There are only two states of being:

  • you are either connected
  • or you are disconnected

There is no in-between stage.

Being disconnected triggers our stress response, otherwise known as the fight or flight response. The stress response evolved as a survival mechanism in historic times when predators threatened survival.

Today neuroscience has shown that thought alone can trigger the fight or flight response. In other words, the mere thought of an upsetting memory or the concern about a future event can make you angry, sad or worried – thereby activating the stress response. Research highlights that most of us spend a lot of time in the stress response – for prolonged periods of time.

The fight or flight response was never designed to last any longer than the time it takes to run away or hide from a predator. After reaching safety, the body system was meant to get back to normal, into balance.

Why is it imperative for the body and mind to spend most of our time in balance?

Because only when the body is in its normal (connected) state can it undertake all the vital functions of cell maintenance and renewal, digestion, normal heart rate and pulse, blood flow and oxygenation of our vital organs and so on.

Apart from the importance for our health to be in so-called homeostasis (balance), it simply feels awful to be disconnected.

It stifles our energy, creativity and above all else our happiness.

We also can’t be connected and feel close to another – our friends, spouse and loved ones – if we are not connected ourselves. We fight and quarrel and feel separate – instead of harmonious and peaceful. Our relationships suffer. Our work might suffer.

Personal writing is a path we can take to connect to ourselves. A tool that we can use to clear past memories that creep in uninvited and knock us off our perch. It is highly effective and easily accessible. You can utilise it to re-connect when faced with stress.


  It is advisable to write in a quiet and uninterrupted environment such as a facilitated workshop that is caring, safe and compassionate.