Life can only be properly understood  by the stories we tell.






The workshops provide a safe, quiet and caring environment for the writing sessions. They offer a space to focus in the present moment, to collect and centre ourselves from the business of life and work prior to the sessions, and to wind down after the sessions.

Hundreds of scientific writing studies have documented and proven that personal writing brings about astounding health benefits and improved mood. These include such diverse outcomes as improved heart rate, immune system functioning, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma as well as better mood, inner peace and happiness and even higher marks for students and faster re-employment for people who lost their job.

In addition to engaging with our personal writing, I will take you on a fascinating journey so that you understand why and how personal writing brings about such a wide range of striking health benefits and increased contentment, peace and joy. I believe that such an understanding strengthens and enhances the effectiveness of the writing.

The benefits of personal writing take place even if we do not show our writing to anyone – we are our own audience. This means it is not necessary for us to share our writing in order to obtain health benefits and stress relief thereby offering privacy.

The workshops do not require any prior writing skills: this is not about the craft of writing but rather about strengthening your personal power by literally rewriting the imprints difficult or challenging past life experiences such as divorce, loss, illness, accidents or injustice have left behind.

We are the stories we tell about ourselves. If we want to change an aspect of our lives, we need to change our story.

Rewriting your story liberates you from difficult memories and restrictive old patterns.

Personal writing is an effective path to striking health benefits and emotional wellbeing. Even a few sessions are likely to bring about noticeable improvements in health and inner peace.


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