The Art of Emotional Healing and Wellbeing


This E-book takes an intimate look at emotional healing. It explores what emotional healing actually is and why it is worth pursuing. It offers 7 Signpoststhat support emotional freedom and emotional wellbeing. The book describes each of these 7 Signposts in detail and offers practical tools and perspectives on how to incorporate these into your everyday life. At times it opens the door to a different way of being.

This book draws on the author’s lifetime involvement with personal development, her training in many different modalities and her own research undertaken for her Master’s degree into bereavement, loss and emotional healing.It also draws on her personal life experiences with the traumatic loss of her husband and her own journey of recovery and healing from her trauma. These personal experiences have ignited a passion for emotional healing and for inspiring others to heal from their emotional wounds and for bringing wellbeing, fulfillment and joy into their lives.

(80 Pages)

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