Emotional Intelligence:

                                Discover – Understand – Learn


Do you want to prosper in your job + business?

Research clearly shows that emotional intelligence plays a fundamental role in the workplace. Technical skills alone are not enough to ensure success, prosperity & job satisfaction. Job performance and thriving productivity depend on emotional intelligence competence such as relationship management, conflict resolution, communication skills and managing one’s own emotions. These skills are the hallmark of outstanding leadership. Emotional Intelligence is the basis of all excellent relationships.  


The aim of this workshop is:

  • Emotional intelligence skills
  • Increased creativity, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Understanding emotions, your own and those of others
  • Understanding the role emotions play at work and
  • the biochemical nature of emotions  

When:                      Sat: 23  + 30 Nov,    10 am – 2.30 pm     OR

                                  Wed: 23, 30 Oct + 6, 13  Nov,   7 – 9 pm

Where:                    Perth Metro area

Investment:          $ 350.00 


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 Writing Workshops:


Emotional Intelligencewriting to heal


Connecting  –  To Yourself & Others

        Through Writing                

 Do you experience times of disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, resentment, worry, anxiousness, guilt, overwhelm, obligation or impatience? These all cause us to disconnect and to reduce our personal sense of power.

The result is stress and feeling unsettled, discontent & fatigued.

Would you like to feel empowered and at peace?

To strengthen and increase the quality of your personal relationships?

Would you like to make sense of something in your life? An experience. A relationship. A loss.
The aim of this workshop is:  

  • Recovery, Renewal & Reflection
  • A heightened sense of personal power, increased self-awareness, inner peace, feeling at ease with yourself and others, making sense, increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved health

        When:              Sat:    2 + 9 November;   10 am –  2.30 pm  OR

                                  Wed:  6., 13., 20. + 27. November;   7 – 9 pm

        Where:             Perth Metro area

         Investment:   $ 350.00         

Call me on 0412 803486 to make a booking or to have a chat