“Deep listening is miraculous. When someone receives us with open-hearted, non-judging, intensely interested listening, our spirits expand.” 

~ Sue Patton Thoele



Katrin Den Elzen        

Emotional Intelligence Coach & Facilitator

Counselling and Personal Development


What I offer

I am offering an integrated approach to counselling that draws on a range of methods and modalities that have been developed over many years of personal development training and facilitation. This holistic approach makes it possible to address the individual and unique needs of people requiring guidance.

My philosophy is to inspire and guide clients to become resourceful, resilient and empowered individuals, equipped to meet the experiences life brings our way. To move from coping with life, which entails passively reacting to external circumstances, into a thriving life, which means actively creating healing and well-being for ourselves.

My passion for emotional healing and my specialisation in the area of loss has been borne out of personal tragedy. In January 2004 my life changed in an instant when my husband became locked in his body, unable to move or speak, yet intelligently present as a result of an undiagnosed brain cyst. What ensued was a traumatic journey of survival that lasted for eight months. This entailed numerous brain surgeries as well as countless other procedures. The second half of this time was traumatically harrowing as my husband suffered unimaginable constant pain.

When he passed away I found myself having to adjust to being a young widow and single mother of our two children. Having met my husband backpacking in Egypt at nineteen, I migrated from Germany to Australia and had spent my entire adult life with him. The foundations of my life had been shattered. I decided to embark on a deliberate journey of resolving my grief and of healing my emotional trauma. Psychologist Toula Gordialla suggests that as professional counsellors “we have to use the tools we teach ourselves in our everyday lives”. I have used the modalities that I draw on in my counselling sessions and workshops to heal myself. I continue to use them in my everyday life.

My background has helped me experience life from many different angles and to understand people and the problems they face. My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts (Translating) with a strong focus on communication and cross-cultural training. This was followed by an Honours degree in Chinese studies, again with a strong focus on communication and cultural understanding. I lived in Taiwan for six months. After my loss I undertook a Masters degree, which specialised in the experience of profound loss and how Writing to heal facilitates the resolution of grief.

I am passionate about my work. It is my heartfelt vision to inspire the seeds of possibility in others that well-being and fulfilment is doable, even after trauma, grief or deep wounding. It is a challenging, complex journey, yet the rewards for ourselves and others are enormous. Our own thriving will enrich our children, family and friends. Being resourceful and skilled puts us into a position where we can meet ourselves, our emotions, and the emotions of others, instead of resorting to avoidance and distraction. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to want that change. Thriving requires us to dare to say yes to ourselves. Although only you can decide to bring well-being into your life, you do not have to undertake your healing by yourself. There are life experiences that are too intense and far-reaching to resolve on our own. Contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds. Traumatic loss is one of those experiences that does not resolve itself on its own.

You are the expert of your own experience; I see my role as guiding you to your own inert wisdom and to inspire and empower you to create a conscious life. I will honour your individuality and your unique emotional make-up, with a deep dedication to your well-being.