Emotional Intelligence – A Fundamental Life Skill

To live a life that is filled with joy, success, contentment and wellbeing is our perennial challenge. Emotions are involved in everything we do, every action, decision and thought. Emotional competence plays a central role in every aspect of our lives. Job competence, relationship, health, leadership, parenting, friendship and our level of satisfaction in life all have one thing in common: emotions.
What exactly is emotional intelligence (EI)? In a nutshell, it refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions and it includes such vital life skills as relationship management and communication skills necessary for a successful job and relationships.
Improving your health, your competence at work, overcoming a divorce, dealing with the loss of a loved one, facing serious illness or hardship and handling the challenges modern life throws at us, including economic crisis and pollution, requires you to observe and manage your emotions.

There is no short-cut to bypass your emotions altogether on route to health, happiness and success. The price you pay for ignoring your emotions, and being unable to perceive and read the emotions of others, is high: detrimental impact on your health, your job performance, your intimate relationship, your patience with your kids, to name a few.
The good news is, learning to manage your emotions does not have to be overwhelming and scary. It can be stimulating and thought-provoking. Dare To Say Yes leads the way in assisting you to become emotionally intelligent and resourced. Emotions are the key to happiness and performing at our highest potential. You will begin to see changes in your life when you learn to understand emotions.